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Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
AMIT SARKAR KALNA 90XXXXXX03 Rs.11,256.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Anjana Shetty.E kerala 96XXXXXX71 Rs.17,746.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
avni tiwari jhansi 78XXXXXX48 Rs.15,069.00 Money Order 18-09-2019
Banti Singh Kolkata 84XXXXXX81 Rs.3,477.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Bhavesh Daman 96XXXXXX24 Rs.7,578.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
bibekananda jena kendrapada 94XXXXXX20 Rs.13,766.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
chetan joshi jaipur 70XXXXXX11 Rs.12,647.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
deepak kumar unnao 91XXXXXX32 Rs.4,711.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
Dikshant Rambhau Kale MUMBAI 97XXXXXX97 Rs.15,648.00 Money Order 18-09-2019
ekta karnany jorhat 73XXXXXX03 Rs.18,884.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Gaurav Panwar kakripur 90XXXXXX59 Rs.11,620.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
GUDDU KUMAR SINGH RAIPUR 73XXXXXX80 Rs.5,308.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
junaid pasha s kolar 99XXXXXX43 Rs.9,574.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
k.gowthami Tanuku 94XXXXXX14 Rs.4,445.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Karanveer Singh Ambala City 98XXXXXX41 Rs.8,997.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Kashyap Thakar Anand 84XXXXXX60 Rs.13,910.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Kiran chhotabhai Solanki Vadodara 83XXXXXX36 Rs.3,563.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Kishor Vishnu Karne Bangalore 72XXXXXX06 Rs.13,953.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
kolgana vikash jeypore 90XXXXXX03 Rs.18,702.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Maguram pegu Assam 97XXXXXX40 Rs.9,606.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
MANJULA KADAMMANAVAR HUBLI 81XXXXXX36 Rs.5,092.00 Money Order 18-09-2019
MARY AGNUS KA THRISSUR 96XXXXXX92 Rs.4,563.00 Money Order 18-09-2019
Neha verma Ghaziabad 99XXXXXX06 Rs.18,283.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
niti rawat new delhi 98XXXXXX35 Rs.4,363.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
PrahalladMondal Kakdwip 83XXXXXX23 Rs.14,870.00 Money Order 18-09-2019
Pramod kumar bangalore 98XXXXXX78 Rs.5,280.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
pratik badala Vellore 78XXXXXX48 Rs.13,358.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
rahul rathore ratlam 91XXXXXX95 Rs.18,212.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Ramesh Gjoroi Chandrakona town 83XXXXXX79 Rs.13,235.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Rekha Jayal Dehradun 84XXXXXX98 Rs.11,356.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Rishendra Vikram Singh Kanpur 94XXXXXX61 Rs.3,214.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Riya Varshney Awagarh 96XXXXXX63 Rs.11,082.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Rohit Pratap Yadav Jaunpur 78XXXXXX88 Rs.6,302.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
Romini Royson Pala 82XXXXXX45 Rs.7,578.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
Roshnee Biswal New Delhi 80XXXXXX76 Rs.5,293.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
sandeep suri faridabad 97XXXXXX78 Rs.3,857.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Sara dsilva HYDERABAD 91XXXXXX55 Rs.16,871.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
sayan bhuin Taldangra 81XXXXXX62 Rs.16,251.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Sharel Pinto Navi Mumbai 88XXXXXX05 Rs.5,364.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
sheen aind jamshedpur 78XXXXXX88 Rs.7,000.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
SHIVTOSH KUMAR NAWA 88XXXXXX58 Rs.15,195.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Subhash G Bangalore 97XXXXXX87 Rs.19,375.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
suman moga 97XXXXXX01 Rs.7,922.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
Sumesh s nair Delhi 88XXXXXX80 Rs.4,883.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
swamy kasa Siddipet 84XXXXXX80 Rs.9,154.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
T Sreenivasulu Hyderabad 73XXXXXX23 Rs.13,609.00 Cheque 18-09-2019
tej singh nashik 99XXXXXX85 Rs.19,973.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Utkrsh Pratap Srivastav khalilabad 90XXXXXX77 Rs.16,722.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019
Vidhi gupta Mumbai 90XXXXXX13 Rs.16,123.00 Paytm 18-09-2019
yash kumar agra 95XXXXXX56 Rs.3,697.00 Bank Transfer 18-09-2019

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